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Textile Artist

Everywhere I go, both indoors and out, I see linear and geometric shapes.
These beautiful forms are what inspire my art work. I notice details in nature like the configuration of a daffodil’s petals, the overlapping of bare tree limbs in winter, or the diagonals of shade caused by a beam of light.

Perhaps even more, I am drawn to the elegance of lines and geometry in the built world that might be revealed in the swoop of electric lines between two poles, the triangulation where two walls intersect with their ceiling, or the curves of multiple layers of highway wrapping around each other as they cross the same space.

Most of my work is abstract, but even when I am creating something more realistic, there are geometric relationships at its heart.  In addition, I delight in creating layers and the depth or transparencies that result.  Geometric rules (yes, those learned in high school geometry class) often determine the placement of objects and embellish-ments. These “hidden” rules give cohesion and balance and add meaning to the piece.

The “why” of my art lies in the geometry.

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