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Textile Artist

Caroline Feiveson lives in Princeton, NJ, where she works on her textile art from her home studio. During her youth in Philadelphia, she was a skilled sewer making many of her own clothes and then wedding dresses for two of her sisters. This proficiency laid the ground work for her textile art work which came later after her children were grown.

During her child-rearing years, Caroline took drawing classes at The College of New Jersey and architecture courses at her local community college and then Drexel University in Philadelphia.  For several years, she practiced professionally as an architecture model builder and an architectural draftsperson. The courses and work in art and architecture gave her a strong grounding in the elements of design.  Gradually, she came into the world of textile art.  Intense, week-long courses with accomplished quilt artists (Judy Blaydon, Rosalie Dace, Valerie Goodwin, and Paula Kovarik) gave her inspiration and direction, but mostly, she has been self-taught.

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